New YouTube Channel! @BrianaCashMusic & World Watch Song – Environmental Video

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Time truly slips away, but I have been super busy and doing a lot of cool things. I recently started a new YouTube Channel to keep all my social media URL consistent. If you were a subscriber of my old channel please subscribe to my new and if you weren’t a subscriber before please take a minute to visit my channel and subscribe. I will be posting a lot of new videos soon and music videos later this year! 😀 If you want to find me anywhere on social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page, Tumblr my name, handle, etc. is @BrianaCashMusic    https://www.youtube.com/user/BRIANACASHMUSIC

Here is a video I posted on Earth Day from one of my original songs written about the impact of Climate Change in our Environment. I also did the cinematography. The footage was taken with 3 different cameras when I traveled different parts of the world. Hawaii, Mexico, California, etc. Check it out! At the end there are some fun facts on ways of how we can help.  Click here —->  World Watch   Please share this video everywhere and use these hashtags  #EarthDayEveryDay #WorldWatch

Thanks for watching!

Peace, Love and Harmony 🙂

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