– James Blunt (English singer-songwriter and Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Custard, recording artist)

“Briana Cash’s voice has lovely tone and warmth. She is a natural, unaffected singer, which is a rare and wonderful quality.”

– Julianna Raye (singer-songwriter and Warner Bros. recording artist)

“Briana is proof that the future of music is alive and well”

– Livingston Taylor (singer-songwriter and faculty at Berklee College of Music)

“An amazing and beautiful voice. Briana makes the music come alive!”

– Kathleen Edwards (Canadian singer-songwriter)

“Briana is a River Rising Star! She is a great songwriter, performer and a friend of the River.”

– 92.5 The River Boston

“This girl can sing and write great songs!”

– Peter Bufano – Cirkestra (songwriter, film composer)